Your wedding should be perfect. A fairytale with every detail in place. You and the one person who makes your heart beat a little, no a LOT, faster....together forever at last.  A beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family and the best party ever lasting into the night.  The memories you create on this day are forever and should never be forgotten.

I love weddings because I get to be a part of one of the greatest days of your life.  It's both an honor and a joy. I take great pride in making your day perfect and capturing every little detail of this fairytale day. And even though I am your's not just about the photos.  It's so much more.

Please understand I don't take pictures for a living.  And hang with me - this isn't just talk.  Yes sometimes I capture a moment, but more often than not something was in place to allow that moment to happen and for me to magically be there to capture it.  See my staff and I don't just show up and snap photos.  We are working behind the scenes to make sure those moments happen.  

From the moment we arrive we are building relationships with your bridesmaids and groomsmen because well....people smile more when they know and like you! We are scouting for the perfect location to create a breathtaking photo of you and your new spouse.  We are pulling out a cell phone to track the angle the sun will set and to know the exact moment the light will be perfect for you.  My assistant is talking with your coordinator to change the timeline slightly because someone special to you isn't quite ready and we want them to be there to see your first document forever their reaction to the tears in your dad's eyes when he dances with his baby one more time.

These moments really are created....and we are really, really good at creating them.

I would love to meet with you so you can begin to experience the level of care and attention you will get from myself and my staff at Elite Photography.  This is my full time passion and the difference is unmistakable.