Virginia Wedding Photography Investment

Wedding Package Pricing

Every wedding is unique and your needs vary based on the number of guests, location, and setting. There are a hundred different variables and no single package can accommodate every bride and groom. We offer two basic packages from $3500 to $5000 which cover most wedding needs.

I would love to meet with you if you are interested in professional photography for your wedding! I will personally take a couple hours to help you think through every aspect of your day, create a schedule, and plan the photography based on your timeline. This will help both of us understand which portions of your day are most important to cover, and this will help you decide which package is right for you.

To many of our clients, photography is a high priority and gets a large portion of their wedding day investment. We understand this and provide flexible payment plans to help you keep your budget manageable!

Call today or use our contact form to gain more information. I appreciate your interest in Elite Photography and look forward to serving you!